Wonder Pearls

Place the small colourful beads in water and watch the miracle happen.
Your Wonder Pearls will gradually absorb the water, grow and become beautiful translucent pearls. So let’s take a look what we can do with Wonder Pearls gel beads.

What are Wonder Pearls?

They start as tiny, solid beads and are made of water-absorbing polymer. The package might seem small, but thanks to their absorbent abilities each wonder pearl can grow to many times its original size.

What to do with Wonder Pearls?

There are a thousand and one creative ways you can use your Wonder Pearls! Their beautiful translucent appearance makes them great for use in decorative centrepieces, floral arrangements and other creative projects. Just imagine them in a beautiful wedding centrepiece or on a high vase full of flowers.
If you run out of ideas, check out some of our video tutorials – or you could just put your tired feet in a big bowl filled with Wonder Pearls; it’s actually quite relaxing.

How to grow them?

Nothing could be easier than growing Wonder Pearls! Simply drop them in a bucket, vase or bowl, add water and see them grow, grow, grow.

You can use warm water (not too hot!) if you want to speed up the growing process. You can always add extra water to your Wonder Pearls if you find all the water has been absorbed. It can take up to eight hours before they have finished growing. Wonder Pearls come in various colours – you can mix them to make things even more interesting.

Wonder Pearls Pingi Grow them - Step 1
Wonder Pearls Pingi Grow them - Step 2
Wonder Pearls Pingi Grow them - Step 3
Wonder Pearls Pingi Grow them - Step 4

Our Wonder Pearls Colours

We have many colours to choose from.  Experiment and combine to make your own creative designs.

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