Wonder Pearls Superset 10L

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Wonder Pearls Superset 10L

The Wonder Pearls™ superset will last you for many projects. Each superset contains a selection of 9 fashionable colours. With enough pearls to create up to 10 litres of Wonder Pearls, you can experiment and decorate your heart out.

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Have fun!

The Wonder Pearls™ superset contains everything you need to create many projects. Use Wonder Pearls™ in flower- and candle-arrangements, seasonal decorations, and for any other creative projects. There are thousands of decorative ways to use Wonder Pearls™ for your projects. Just swell them in water and get started.

The Wonder Pearls™ superset contains 9 colours:

Set PPS-10M: Blue / Purple / Black / Yellow / Red / Orange /Green / Pink / Transparent

With the pearls in the superset, you can prepare approx. 10 litres of Wonder Pearls™.
That's enough for many hours of great fun!