Wonder Pearls Set – 3L

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Wonder Pearls Set – 3L

The perfect way to start your Wonder Pearls adventure. Pick your prefered colour combination and get creative. Each pack contains three different colours as well as a set of clear pearls. That’s enough to create up to 3 litres of Wonder Pearls and have tons of creative fun!

Please take a look at our DIY Video Tutorials or Inspiration.

With the pearls in one set, you can prepare approx. 3 litres of Wonder Pearls™.

So let your imagination run free!

Wonder Pearls™ are a fantastic product for use with flowers, plants, for decoration and for air humidification. Each pearl can absorb many times its weight in water. Flowers and plants will feel right at home in a vase filled with Wonder Pearls™ and water. Place tea lights in a bowl of Wonder Pearls™ and watch the beautiful reflections or let objects magically float in a vase of transparent pearls. There are many decorative ways to use Wonder Pearls™. Just add water and the magic begins.

These two sets contain both transparent and coloured pearls so that you can make your own colour combinations.
Set PPS-3D: Blue / Purple / Black / Transparent
Set PPS-3L: Green / Red / Yellow / Transparent